25th Island of Greece – A Worth Visiting Destination

by Huma Chaudhary
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25th island of greece

Having 6500 Islands, Greece is a European country with charming sceneries and attracts visitors from many other countries. From 6500 islands hardly there are 55 Islands have a population of more than 1000 and 25 exceptional Islands are worth-visiting Greece destinations. However, most of the Islands are smaller but attract tourists hiking their charming sceneries. Out of 25 visiting islands, there are just five larger Islands, and the rest of the Islands are smaller but worth visiting. One of them is 25th Island of Greece.

What is 25th Island of Greece?

Amorgos island is listed as the 25th worth-visiting Greece destination. Nowadays, Amorgos Island is trending with the name “25th Island of Greece”. Besides its beauty, it is trending on social media because its name is similar to the most popular game, “amorg us.” Though Island was named on “Amorg King” name. 

Important things to know about the 25th Island of Greece

Besides its Cycladic character, it is an endless Island with its fascinated features. Situating at the eastern edge of Cyclades attracts visitors with its iconic mountains and clear blue water.


25th Island of Greece is the neighboring Island of Dodecanese Island in Greece. It is a pop-culture legend in old stories. In 1988 the Island was seen on screen for the first time in the super hit French film “Big Blue.”  

Why is 25th Island of Greece Worth visiting Greece’s destination?

It is always hard to say goodbye to 25th Island of Greece if you have ever visited the Island. Although the Island is not extensive and there are not many attractive places, it is still appreciable. Suppose you wonder what you can do at that small place, then the first and foremost choice is to spend time on the beach.

Worth Visiting - 25th Island of Greece
Worth Visiting – 25th Island of Greece

On the other hand, Amorgos is much more than its beach on its own. It is an Island that will attract you due to its residents because their smiles are more attractive than the daylight. It presents beautiful scenery even with its raw and ancient kind of gorgeousness.

Other reasons to visit 25th Island of Greece

1. Peaceful environment and other activities

The Greek residents are familiar with how to live a prosperous life. They are always up with smiles and positivity to provide peace of mind to soothe the soul. The native residents of the 25th Island of Greece are generous, kind, and relaxed with their hospitality and give their visitors a warm welcome. The peaceful environment and its friendly residents make a soothing combination that is brain relaxing.

Peaceful Environment - Greece
Peaceful Environment – Greece

If you are tired from your daily activities and want a vacation to relieve stress, you can visit 25th Island of Greece. It’s pretty funny to hear but true that this one is the best place to release maximum endorphins in your body. 

The people mostly used to take coffee and Rakhi with breakfast or at lunchtime. The native residents are habitual for late-night dinner so, bars mostly start at midnight and last for the whole night.

2. Custom celebrations and tourism

25th Island of Greece is becoming a popular vocational option due to its fast-growing tourism. People get together for their customary celebrations, and you can join them. For example, the celebrations and rituals last for a whole week for Easter. You are open to joining their community and can be a part of them.

Tourism - Greece
Tourism – Greece

3. The beauty of Hozoviotissa Monastery

The beautiful Hozoviotissa Monastery is a famous memorial stone circle situated in Chora. It is the most significant part to see on 25th Island of Greece to see for every visitor. It was built to pay tribute to the sanctify Maryam. The Hozoviotissa Monastery is present at the most natural place where you can feel the spirituality and vibrant besides color, creed, and religion. This Monastery is always open for visitors without considering their beliefs.

Hozoviotissa Monastery
Hozoviotissa Monastery

4. Simplicity and attraction of Chora

Chora may not be much beautiful and impressive as other Islands’ but exceptional with its fascination, attraction, and simplicity. If you ever visit Chora of 25th Island of Greece, you will be bound to see it for a longer time. Chora’s whitewashed stairs, streets, and buildings make it unique, attractive, and fascinating.


Due to its architecture, you can observe the fantastic traditional expertise of builders. So, it is incredible to wander on Chora’s streets and watch the white architecture. 

5. Hike to the castle

We can say it is the castle hiking because it’s risky to reach the castle-like climbing a mountain due to the scary stairs. Once you cross the door, you will see the fantastic scenery. The fortification that you can see across the entries feels like a picture.

Venetian Castle of Hora
Venetian Castle of Hora

This castle is known as the Venetian Castle of Hora, built-in 1290 to protect the 25th Island of Greece. The castle looks like a protector standing outside the Hora village. After a terrible climb, the castle felts like Heaven on earth. You can see a fascinating top view of the Hora Village from the castle.

6. Aegiali to Chora drive and sunset

There are no words to describe the beauty of sunset if you are driving Aegiali to Chora before or during sunset. If you want to enjoy a fantastic sunset drive on Island, you must try this drive. Most of the roads are at higher altitudes, but it increases the beauty of the sunset scene with an endless ocean view where the sun looks like diving into the sea. 



Due to the declining tourism trend, 25th Island of Greece is less common and negligible to the visitors. The Island does not have much fame on social media, but it does not mean that it has anything interesting to see there. You will be lost in the beauty, simplicity, and architecture of its Island. You will love this magical Island.

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