New Year 2022: Top 9 Destinations to Visit

The new year’s eve 2022 is here, and it is high time you forget about your past regrets and start the new year off well with a loud party. Maybe spend a day on the slopes, dine out at some romantic place, have quality time with family, or a quiet, slow getaway!

Top Destinations to Visit for Happy New Year 2022

Here are our top ten suggestions for destinations to visit for spending New Year’s Eve 2022. 

1. New Orleans, Louisiana:

New Orleans stands as one best party cities in the world all year. The locals here are friendly, weather pleasant, late-night bars, and people roaming around sipping their favorite beverage contribute to a welcoming atmosphere for partygoers. Many sports to stop by, such as Jackson Square for a proper New Year’s Eve party in the historic French Quarter.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The time to sleep here never comes, as bands and artists perform throughout the night, culminating in the famed fleur de Lis drop and impressive fireworks over the Mississippi River at midnight. The party doesn’t stop even after midnight. You can join pubs and nightclubs along Bourbon Street in the city’s center.

2. New York City

Millions of people go out every year on New Year’s Eve to congregate in Times Square in New York City and experience the century-old tradition of counting down to the ball drop at midnight.

New York City

There are uncountable reasons why you should be in New York for New Year’s Eve 2022. First, because it is the legendary Big Apple. The New York ball drop in Times Square is the world’s most-watched and cherished New Year’s Eve celebration. Every year, almost one billion people around the globe watch the ball drop, live or via streaming. If you don’t want to feel the cold, there are plenty of top-quality bars and nightclubs in the city that organize amazing New Year’s Eve parties. You can’t go wrong when in New York.

3. Los Angeles, California:

Los Angeles is one of the fantastic destinations in the United States to celebrate Happy New Year 2022. On New Year’s Eve, the Tournament of Roses Parade is held in this city near Pasadena, and it is a must-see event. There is also Cleopatra’s Ball that you can enjoy at the renowned Egyptian Theater at the University Studios in Hollywood. 

Los Angeles, California

Furthermore, fireworks are happening at Marina del Rey that you must not miss. Face painting, freebies, bubbles, a picture booth, food stalls, and, of course, fireworks are all available for you to have fun. 

4. Sydney:

Australia is the first country globally to celebrate New Year’s Eve, with Sydney being the central city to ring in the new year. The town presents one of the world’s largest fireworks displays that leave viewers awestruck. They last over fifteen minutes. If you want to have the best view, go to one of the harbor’s boats or the nearby hills. 


The New Year’s Eve celebrations usually last until dawn. Locals appreciate this day because it comes in Summer, which means the weather is generally pleasant!

5. Las Vegas, Nevada:

Without mentioning Las Vegas, Nevada, the list of the finest places to spend New Year’s Eve 2022 would be incomplete. The city is known worldwide for its stunning fireworks displays at New Year’s Event.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The New Year in Las Vegas’s LV Strip will entertain you in every way because all automobiles are prohibited from entering streets on this day, and only pedestrians are permitted to walk across it to celebrate the New Year. Raising a glass to the New Year in the High Roller, the world’s tallest wheel, is also a custom there.

6. Florida Keys:

The lovely Florida Keys are famed for their warm beaches and an active nightlife. They are the ideal destination to spend New Year’s Eve, especially if you want to get away from the cold. 

Florida Keys

You can round off the year with a sunset cruise, an energetic beach party, or a delicious seafood supper, but Key West is the place to go for the biggest party in the Florida Keys. Many other islands hold magnificent celebrations, such as midnight fireworks in Islamorada and Key Largo and beach BBQ with live entertainment in Morada Bay Beach hosts.

7. Honolulu:

Another refined New Year’s party in the United States takes place at Aloha Tower Marketplace, with unrivaled events such as waterfront eating, free live entertainment, and spectacular midnight fireworks show over Honolulu Harbor. 


The festivities here begin at 7 p.m., with live entertainment, free prizes, and face painting, among other things. Visiting the Tower with your family will let you make the most of your time there.

8. San Diego, California:

The Birthplace of California is a delightful alternative for New Year’s Eve celebrators, with various festivities and customs going on. San Diego has everything to offer for a perfect New Year Eve 2022 celebration, from amusement parks to dancing in the Gaslamp Quarter to upscale events at nearby hotels.

San Diego, California

You can enjoy thrills on crazy rides as well as magnificent fireworks displays at LEGOLAND California or SeaWorld. There is also San Diego Zoo for even more family-friendly activities.

9. San Francisco, California:

San Francisco’s bayfront location allows for many one-of-a-kind New Year’s Eve celebrations, from breathtaking fireworks to much more. Brunch, dinner, and fireworks cruises are all available on the Hornblower.

San Francisco, California

A variety of New Year’s Eve balls are held here. The most famous is the Passport to the World New Year’s Eve Ball, featuring many deejays, an open bar, live music, and entertainers. For a more relaxed experience, head to a high location, such as Twin Peaks, one of San Francisco’s highest points. 

The Bottom Line!

New Year’s Eve is an enjoyable celebration when it’s time to let your hair down, stay up the whole night, and feel good about yourself. Look no farther than this list for the top destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022 in the world. But one thing is for sure, wherever you are, as long as you are among people you adore, you’re in the finest spot to party!

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