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Monday, March 20, 2023
Cancun Weather in November

Things to Know About Cancun Weather in November

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The Cancun weather in November can be unpredictable. When it rains, you’re likely to wake up to a chilly morning. The nights also become prolonged, and November provides an early taste of what’s to come. Of course, wintertime in Cancun is much less harsh than it is back home, so the temperatures will often reach above 20 degrees Celsius for daytime hours.

November Weather Patterns and Temperature for Cancun

November is the origin of the rainy season in Cancun. The city can expect to see about 150mm of rain throughout the month. Average temperatures are around 32°C.

Cancun Weather Patterns
Cancun Weather Patterns

The average November high in Cancun is 81F, and the average low is around 70F. November in Cancun is known for its crazy weather patterns. Even one day per month has an average high temperature of over 90 degrees! On most days, the temperature will probably be somewhere in the 80s.

It’s safe to say that hurricane season is done for this year. It’s not unheard of for storms outside the season like these to form, but it’s rare, and you don’t require to worry excessively about hurricanes while waiting out the end of hurricane season here.

Cancun weather in November: Rain And Humidity

November is typically a dry month in the US, with an average of 3.8″ (10 cm) of rainfall on five rainy days. Depending on your tastes, it’s the fifth or sixth most likely month to have poor or just OK weather conditions.

Rain in Cancun
Rain in Cancun

Humidity and wind speeds are stable for most of the year, with humidity ranging from 75% to 86% depending on the day and average wind speeds standing steady at nine mph.

Beach Hotels in Cancun in November

Cancun is a popular destination for many people, especially in the winter. The beach hotels in Cancun are always booked up in November. It is a tourist destination with many people coming for their vacations. They are attracted to the area because of the great year-round weather and experiences. If you are looking to take your vacation this winter, I recommend booking your stay at one of the beach hotels in Cancun before it’s too late!

Some of the Best Beach Hotels are mentioned below:

Hotel NYX Cancun

If you’re a couple or a family searching for a beach destination, think about NYX Cancun. This hotel is a great place to spend your holiday; this hotel features rooms of all categories, from essential to luxury junior suites and penthouses. You’ll have access to not only the beach but also pools and natural landscapes too.

Hotel NYX
Hotel NYX

At this property, you can stay as long as you like and enjoy plenty of facilities such as 24-hour reception, restaurants & bars, a swimming pool, and WiFi access.

Barcelo Tucancun Beach

The Barcelo Tucancun Beach is a four-star hotel in Cancun, with a fantastic location next to the Caribbean Sea and Nichupte Lagoon. Here you have the choice of lots of rooms for you and your family, from double rooms to suites. The hotel offers all the facilities its guests are looking for, including a spa, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, and sports activities.

Barcelo Tucancun Beach
Barcelo Tucancun Beach

Ocean Spa Hotel

When it comes to hotels in Cancun, Ocean Spa Hotel is one of the best. Found on a top section of the hotel zone, this resort offers 127 standard rooms and 27 deluxe rooms, each with air conditioning and a balcony or terrace.

Ocean Spa Hotel
Ocean Spa Hotel

Many amenities are available for you to enjoy, such as bars, restaurants, swimming pools, sports facilities, and WiFi. There is also a two-storey spa with a fitness centre and yoga room.

Krystal Cancun

Krystal Cancun is perfect for couples wishing to spend a romantic holiday in Cancun. They have accommodations available from standard rooms to presidential suites. We have many amenities here.

Krystal Cancun
Krystal Cancun

Here you can do some things below that you can do during your stay at these properties:

  • Let out stress in the gym.
  • Exercise your manners with massage treatments.
  • Float in the water pool or calm by the spa.

Grand Oasis Palm Resort & Spa

Book your stay at Grand Oasis Palm Resort & Spa, where you’ll find spectacular accommodations for couples and families that are just looking for a great beachside experience. With luxurious rooms with sea views and air conditioning, you’ll have everything you need to have the best vacation possible.

Grand Oasis Palm Resort
Grand Oasis Palm Resort

They are happy to share with you the many features this resort offers, including facilities for children, a golf course, spa, gym and various entertainment options.

We recommend you get your travel insurance before moving towards any destination.

Cancun Family-Friendly Environment

Cancun is known for being a family-friendly environment. The beaches are perfect for kids, and many different water sports are available to keep them entertained. There are also multiple activities to do in the evenings to keep parents busy. Children under 12 years old stay free at hotels, so it is a great time to get them all family with you on vacation.

Cancun weather in November is the best time to visit this place because you will enjoy the clear blue skies and warm air. You should pack light clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Conclusion: Cancun Weather in November

November is one of the favoured months to visit Cancun, and for a good reason! It’s a great time to visit with an average high temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low temperature in the mid-70s.

Temperature in Cancun
Temperature in Cancun

There are a lot of opportunities for one to have fun in November when they visit Cancun. There are many activities and events to take part in and enjoy while visiting Cancun during November.


How to Choose the Best Cancun Resort that can be Family Friendly?

When choosing a Cancun resort, you should first look at how old your children are. If they are older than ten years old, they should stay in an adults-only hotel or all-inclusive resort because you will get more activities and freedom there. If they are under ten years old, they should stay in a family-friendly resort.

Is the Cancun Weather in November the best time to visit this place?

Cancún’s weather in November is more temperate, making it one of the loveliest months of the year to visit. It isn’t too rainy during this time, so finding flights and accommodations is easier. You’ll have beautiful warm weather to unwind within Cancun while there are fewer people around to get in your way.

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