Hollywood Beach Boardwalk Restaurants

9 Finest Hollywood Beach Boardwalk Restaurants

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Hollywood Beach Boardwalk is a famous goal for citizens and travelers who want to appreciate the lovely Florida weather. The Atlantic Ocean has stunning outlooks and dining possibilities along the 2.5-mile distance of smoothed trails. If you are looking for a simple taste, a romantic feast, or a night out, you will discover something to serve your preference and finances at the cafes on the gallery. From genuine Greek cooking, seafood, Mexican Doritos, and American buns, there is something for everyone at Hollywood Beach Boardwalk restaurants.

Hollywood Beach Boardwalk Restaurants

Let us uncover a list of the best Hollywood Beach Boardwalk Restaurants in this article.

1- Mexican Pleasures at The Taco Joint

The Taco Joint is a rich and lively Hollywood Beach Boardwalk restaurant. It serves savory and delicious Mexican cuisine in an authentic way. Stage into a fiesta of flavors as you surrender in their comprehensive menu of Mexican delights. The interior of the Mexican cafe is just like the appropriate Mexican Culture.

The Taco Joint
The Taco Joint

The food includes tasty tacos filled with juicy meats and new toppings, burning fajitas, and cheesy quesadillas. The Taco Joint also delivers an original taste of Mexico. Pair your dinner with refreshing margaritas or choose from their Mexican beers. With its seaside location, this cafe provides a fun and energetic atmosphere. It makes it the ideal spot to meet your needs.

2- Beachfront Grill n Bar at The Mermaid Queen

The Mermaid Queen’s Beachfront Grill n Bar is a famous goal on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, presenting a lovely beachside dining occasion. Enjoy the dazzling sights of the ocean as you savor their tasty grilled plates. Their menu contains different tastes.

From fleshy burgers and grilled seafood to restoring salads and flavorful sandwiches, add flavors to life. Pair your banquet with a tropical drink of fruits or select from their wide section of retro beers and wines. It is ideal for relaxing and enjoying an exceptional meal with its cozy atmosphere, pleasant service, and spectacular beachfront site.

3- Sips and Tunes at Logan’s Beach Bar

Logan’s Beach Bar is cheerful and delightful on the beachside. This vibrant pub offers a broad scope of refreshing drinks and live music to engage you. Sip on your famous cocktails or relish a cold beer as you drink up in the beach environment. 

Logan's Beach Bar
Logan’s Beach Bar

With masterful musicians performing various genres, you can groove to the songs while relishing the ocean breeze. You can even dance to the classical tunes while having a drink. Logan’s Beach Bar provides a lively and energetic aura, pushing it a go-to place for a fun dark out with friends or a cozy afternoon by the beach.

4- Beer and Pub at Hollywood Brewing Co.

Hollywood Brewing Co. is a classic and fascinating destination for beer buffs and pub lovers on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. This brewery and bar present a vast choice of craft beers brewed at home with devotion and expertise. Hollywood Brewing Co. has something for everyone.

If you prefer a cold rum or a refreshing retro beer, pair your drink with tasty pub snacks. It includes juicy tiny buns, crispy chicken drumsticks, and delicious and refreshing salads. With its relaxed and welcoming environment, Hollywood Brewing Co. is a fantastic place to de-stress, mingle, and relish quality drinks.

5- Greek Dining and Delight at Taverna Opa

Cheer yourself to Greece at Taverna Opa. Dip yourself in the living environment as you savor the tastes of Greece, from classic Greek dishes like moussaka and souvlaki to refreshed seafood and lively salads.

Taverna Opa
Taverna Opa

Taverna Opa offers an enjoyable dining occasion. Indulge in the favorable environment as Greek melody fills the air, attended by lively Greek dancing. Recall smashing a plate or two for good luck! This eatery is a unique Greek dining affair with its friendly hospitality, flavorful food, and festive joy.

6- Calm Aura at Taco Beach Shack

Taco Beach Shack is a peaceful and inviting diner on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. You can escape the rush and bustle as you evolve in their relaxed atmosphere. Dine your taste buds with their delicious tacos, burritos, and bowls prepared with new elements and bold herbs. 

Appreciate your meal on their outdoor patio, lolling in the relaxing seaside vibes. With its energetic atmosphere, Taco Beach Shack offers a mild pullback for those desiring a peaceful dining adventure by the ocean. It’s time for a bag pack, rush to this snack bar, and enjoy the lovely weather at the eatery.

7- Relish at Red Pelican Bar and Hookah Lounge

Red Pelican Bar and Hookah Lounge is a resounding and enticing place. Indulge in various occasions as you sip on inventive cocktails. The significant part of this bar is unwinding with a hookah and soaking up the lively ambiance. A comprehensive drink menu includes signature combinations of drinks and classic favorites.

Red Pelican Bar and Hookah Lounge
Red Pelican Bar and Hookah Lounge

Red Pelican Bar deals with various types of beers and tastes. Relax in the comfortable indoor seating or enjoy your drink at the ocean current on the outdoor balcony. The mixture of drinks, different hookah flavors, and a lively atmosphere guarantee a wonderful and satisfying time at Red Pelican Bar and Hookah Lounge.

8- Feast at the JWB Prime Steak and Seafood

JWB Prime Steak and Seafood is an upscale dining spot on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. It offers a fabulous feast for steak and seafood lovers. Step into a grand setting and satisfy with the most satisfactory prime steak cuts, perfectly prepared to your taste. Delight in fresh seafood choices according to your mood and the people touring with you. The seafood includes juicy lobster tails to untouched oysters. 

The menu of the steak house shows a selection of rich sides and great sauces to complete your meal. It is well-known for its refined ambiance, attentive service, and comprehensive wine list. The interior of the restaurant is Hollywood based. The staff also wears movie-type characters. JWB Prime Steak and Seafood guarantee an exceptional dining experience for specific events or those desiring the perfection of culinary merit.

9- Seafood Shelter at Billy’s Stone Crab Hollywood

Billy’s Stone Crab Hollywood is a prominent seafood shelter near the boardwalk. This famous structure provides a refuge for seafood enthusiasts, especially those desiring fresh stone crab. Fewer people love the crab, but those who love it opt for this place as it is a widely recommended crab place—delight in the juicy and sweet meat of their prominent stone crab feet, sourced from local waters.

Billy's Stone Crab Hollywood
Billy’s Stone Crab Hollywood

The menu possesses other delicious seafood alternatives. It incorporates shrimp, fish, and lobster of various kinds. Although expensive, it is up to the mark if you want quality seafood. Engage yourself in the casual and comfortable atmosphere while savoring the tastes of the sea. Billy’s Stone Crab Hollywood offers a seafood adventure that will leave you desiring to replace for more.

The Bottom Line

Hollywood Beach Boardwalk eateries combine flavors and adventures for tourists who want to savor the finest of Florida’s seaside culture. You can appreciate the ocean current, the live melody, and the social service as you satisfy with tasty dishes from different cooking. No matter what duration of day or temper you are in, you will find a diner or bar to make your visit to this boardwalk excellent and enjoyable.

FAQs on Hollywood Beach Boardwalk Restaurants

How can I contact Hollywood Beach Boardwalk?

You can reach this restaurant by motorcar, bus, trolley, or motorbike. There are various parking spots, garages near the path, and bike rental stations. You can also use the Hollywood Trolley along the seaside and downtown alleys.

What are some of the actions I can accomplish on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk?

You can make a lot of fun moves on Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, such as biking, skating, racing, running, swimming, sunbathing, shopping, and caring street entertainers.

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