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Friday, March 24, 2023
Best Hikes Near Nashville

The 9 Best Hikes Near Nashville, TN

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Are you looking to know the Best Hikes Near Nashville? You came to a good place. Here you will find complete information on hikes near Nashville. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, and it has many fascinating outdoor scenes that are very attractive. It has 500 waterfalls, one national park and more than fifty-six state parks.

Best Hikes Near Nashville

Here we will discuss the nine best hikes near Nashville.

Cane Creek Waterfalls (Easy 0.4 + Miles)

On the eastern edge of Cumberland Plateau is Creek fall state park. It has about 256-foot waterfall. There are many other waterfalls in this park-like cane creek cascades, cane creek falls, and piney falls. Explore the whole area and then stay at the backcountry camping site within the park.

Cane Creek Waterfalls
Cane Creek Waterfalls

One of the easiest ways to view all of the waterfalls in the park is by walking on linked paths that are near the visitor centre. See cane creek fall from the top view, or you can also see it by going into the base and seeing a dramatic look. From suspension bridge over fall, get the look of Cane Creek Cascade. You must be careful on a bridge on wet or windy days.

Greeter Falls Loop (Easy 1.1 Miles)

If you find the best place for hiking in Nashville, then South Cumberland State Park is the best place for you. This park is massive, and its area is about 30 845 acres. This park sits in 4 different countries. It takes many days to explore because it has camping sites, walking trails, and waterfalls.

Greeter Falls Loop
Greeter Falls Loop

You need to take an easy path if you are short of time. Take a significant fall loop; it is easy to see three waterfalls and other mesmerizing scenes. Here you will find Greeter home historical remnants occupied about two centuries ago. If you want to extend your trip to this park, go to the Alum campground and visit other waterfalls.

Narrows of the Harpeth (Easy 1.1 Miles)

There is an easy path for hiking in Harpeth river state park: the Narrow of the Harpeth. It is about 1.1 miles. This track is along the bank of the river. You can see and catch captivating scenes there; even you will catch up with many brilliant waterfalls and stunning rock formations. This waterfall is left from massive Patterson forge iron forge from 1800. Moreover, industrialization is prohibited in this area.

Stillhouse Hollow Falls Trail (Easy 1.2 Miles)

It takes about an hour drive from the southwest of Downtown to Stillhouse Falls state Natural area if you want more hiking. The area of this small place is only 90 acres, but it is beautiful and extraordinary.

Stillhouse Falls
Stillhouse Falls

Hikes to the Stillhouse Hollow Falls, it’s about 1.2 miles. After 0.75 miles, you will see falls. You will also come across the small creek that flows down into the waterfall. You will see a deep hollow and stunning 75 feet cascade when you are there. It is the best site to pack a hammock read a book, or click beautiful pictures of colourful wildflowers.

Twin Falls and Down River Trail (Easy 1.6 Miles)

From Downtown Nashville, Rock Island State Park is located for about one and a half hours. This area sits in Caney Fork Gorge Area and has nearly nine trials. It is effortless to catch wildlife, exciting history and beautiful scenery in this park.

Twin Falls
Twin Falls

A gorgeous waterfall has stunning scenery. This hiking track follows the river through lush forest to twin falls (two cascades). Falls has a height of about 80 feet. It would be best to make your body balanced because of slippery rocks. That is why you should be careful about it.

Cheeks Bend Bluff View Trail (Easy 1.9 Miles)

For best hiking near Nashville, head towards the south of Downtown for about one hour to Cheeks Bend Bluff trailhead. Duck River, the area of this land site, is about fifty acres.

Cheeks Bend Bluff
Cheeks Bend Bluff

You can follow the Cheek Bend Bluff trial by seeing the blue blazes on trees. Some footing on this trail is tricky, so watch the steps. While following the trail, you will pass caves. Cheek blend hike is a true gem.

Hidden Lake (Easy 1.9 Miles)

In Harpeth State Park near Narrow, there is a hidden lake. It takes about an hour to complete this hike. Lake has an exciting and long history. In the 1940s, the lodge caught fire, turning the area into farmland.

Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake

When you hike to Hidden Lake, you will see historical remnants of this area. Looking closely from the top of the bluff, you will see the marble ballroom dance floor. You will see also relics and old buildings and other best scenes of waterfalls and natural scenery.

Bells Bend Loop Trail (Easy 5.1 Miles)

On the west of Downtown, Bells Bend Park is on twenty-five minutes drive. It is an elementary site for hiking in Tennessee. Begin your adventures from Bells Bend Outdoor centre. From here, start a long Trial loop over open pastures. If you want to make your trip longer, join this loop with other walking trails or enjoy a good walkthrough wildflower.

Bells Bend Loop Trail
Bells Bend Loop Trail

A very dense tree canopy provides shades in all seasons like fall, summer, and spring months. If you have bikes, then extend the trip to Cheatham Dam.

Ozone Falls Trail- (Easy 0.1 Miles OR Moderate 14 Miles)

An ozone waterfall is 110 feet, and it is a breathtaking view. Although this is a short trail, it isn’t easy because of the rocky terrain. You can also see the Ozone waterfall following the Justin P. Cumberland trial. Here you will see the mountain top view and waterfalls.

Ozone Falls Trail
Ozone Falls Trail

Final Verdict: Best Hikes Near Nashville

We have discussed the best Hikes near Nashville; my recommendation is the first, 2nd and 5th one. You will love these hikes because of the beautiful mountains, parks, fascinating scenery and eye-catchy waterfalls. If you have any queries about the best hikes in Nashville, comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Closest Mountains To Nashville?

On a 3.5 hour drive on the eastern side of Nashville, there is Great Smoky Mountain National park. There are three mesmerizing things in this Pigeon Forge (PF), Gatlinburg and waterfall.

Does Tennessee Have Good Hiking?

Yes, Tennessee has good hiking. In some areas, hiking is quite tricky because of the rocky and slippery trail. It has more than a dozen hiking in this state. About two hikes are in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You will find many waterfalls, parks and other extraordinary and breathtaking scenes in these hikes.

I hope you enjoy our article, do check more of our amazing articles.

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