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Friday, March 24, 2023
Greek Island Hopping

Greek Island Hopping: The 4 Best Islands to Visit

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200 for the price of one: that’s what you get when visiting Greece. With over 200 islands to explore, a trip to this southern European country can be anything you want it to be. Take advantage of its unique geography and do some Greek island hopping whilst you’re there. You’re certainly not going to want to miss any of these spectacular spots.

1- Santorini

Famous for its snow-white architecture and domed blue roofs, Santorini is a favorite with couples. Undeniably romantic and overlooking the vast expanse of the blue ocean, you can expect plenty of lovers on their honeymoons or anniversaries. 


Rich in history, too, explore the remnants of the volcanic explosion that blew Santorini apart 3,500 years ago. And as the sun sets behind the volcanic crater, enjoy the pink skies with a glass of the finest wine from the Sigalas and Vassaltis wineries.

2- Crete

Calling all adventure lovers, Crete boasts plenty of ancient ruins, rugged peaks, and miles of endless coastline. Tick off some things from your bucket list by visiting the immense Samariá Gorge, discovering coves on the Libyan Sea, or signing up for a hiking tour and discovering new landscapes with a qualified guide.


Crete also knows how to put on an epic spread. With so much cheese, honey, olive oil, and hand-reared goat, pork, and rabbit produced locally, fresh and delicious food are only one order away. It’s impossible not to eat well here.

3- Corfu 

This particular Greek island hopping is a party for the senses. Colorful, cosmopolitan, and influenced by Venetian, British and French colonization, there’s a surprise around every corner in Corfu. Colonnades are modeled on Paris’ most famous streets. Corfu’s north-east coast is nicknamed Kensington on Sea. Also, the manor houses poke through the olive groves are akin to those you find in Tuscany.


A mixing pot of culture, fine wine, and food, Corfu is a pleasure-seeker’s paradise. Plus, it boasts some of the most impressive landscapes in Greece, with secluded bays and crystal-clear waters, making it a hotspot for adventure lovers. 

4- Serifos

Suppose you want to get back to nature, head to Serifos. Less densely populated and undisturbed by partygoers, enjoy the peace and calm by hiring a car or boat to reach secluded bays that aren’t accessible by foot. Also, head to Sikamia beach to collect some fresh seafood for your dinner.


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